Ma Vie en Merde

No, Its not really that bad, I'm just being dramatic

Miss Solipsist
28 August 1982
Yes, its true. I used to be a model.
Morley Memorial Primary School - Cambridge England - Cambridgeshire UK (1986 - 1988)
Cherry Hinton Community Junior School - Cambridge England - Cambridgeshire UK (1988 - 1992)
Chesterton Community College - Cambridge England - Cambridgeshire UK (1993 - 1998)
Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College - Kensington and Chelsea England - Greater London UK (1998 - 2000)
Birkbeck, University of London - Camden England - Greater London UK (2000 - 2004)
Interests: (132)
a perfect circle, al franken, alan partridge, aldous huxley, alex grey, anatomy, ancient rome, androgeny, anorexia, anorexic boys, antonin artaud, art, atheism, autopsies, autopsy photos, beirut (the band), bizarre magazine, bob dylan, california, caligula, christopher hitchens, cigarettes, classic rock, clothes, contrarianism, cooking, cream, cults, culture, dadaism, david bowie, death, democrats, donovan, drugs, echo & the bunnymen, electronica, elfreide jelenik, england, eric clapton, fear and loathing, foreign films, france, frank zappa, gary numan, gender-bending, genesis p. orridge, george orwell, godspeed you black emperor!, gong, gonzo journalism, guitars, hare krishna, hippies, hunter s. thompson, i ching, i claudius, ireland, jack russell terriers, japan, jean-paul sartre, jefferson airplane, jethro tull, john lennon, kate moss, king crimson, knowing me knowing you, lady sovereign, languages, led zeppelin, m83, manias, marc bolan, marya hornbacher, maynard james keenan, michael haneke, modeling, monty python's flying circus, mr. bean, music, neil young, new york, nick cave, nine inch nails, painters, painting, peace, philip e. karnats, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, psychedelia, psychedelics, radiohead, reading, renee magritte, salvador dali, schadenfreude, school of seven bells, self-destruction, sigur ros, simone de beauvoir, stand up comedy, steve coogan, supertramp, syd barrett, t. rex, ted bundy, the anti-war movement, the bad seeds, the colbert report, the daily show, the decemberists, the fast show, the flaming lips, the grateful dead, the jimi hendrix experience, the kinks, the pink floyd sound, the polyphonic spree, the secret machines, the who, thee silver mt. zion, thom yorke, thoroughbred racing, tool, trance, tripping daisy, tyrannosaurus rex, whitehouse, wilco, yoko ono

Psychedelia - is there anything else to life?

Syd Stamp
Apparently, I'm Syd.
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